NetSuite Incremental Backups to Amazon RDS

Daily NetSuite Backups To Amazon RDS (Tier 1)

Daily NetSuite Data Backups
Daily incremental NetSuite Data Backups to customer's Amazon Relational Database (RDS) instance in MySQL format. Backup to include NetSuite account business data and records including customers, vendors, leads, contacts, transactions including lines items (sales orders, cash sales, invoices, purchase orders, estimates, return authorizations, contracts, work orders) chart of accounts, journal entries, revenue commitments, credit memos, payments, vendor bills, inventory items, notes, memos, employees, cases, expense reports, messages - and all other accessible NetSuite ERP and CRM records, including sublists and relationships. File cabinet not included. Both active and inactive data included. Custom data types included including custom fields, custom entity fields, custom transaction fields, custom item fields and any custom records. System notes, file cabinet, memorized transactions and any inaccessible data not included. Requests for backup recovery and any professional, support services not included.

System Implementation
System setup, NetSuite schema mapping, implementation and backup configuration. Configuration of Amazon RDS. Implementation service includes one time extraction of all NetSuite data to Amazon RDS.

Required From Customer

  1. NetSuite Administrator access for implementation.
  2. Amazon RDS access for implementation.
  3. Customer to set up and maintain their own Amazon RDS account. Ongoing costs of Amazon RDS services are not covered under this agreement.

Service Agreement
I’ve read and agree to all of the Blueacrobat Corporation Terms and Conditions. I authorize Blueacrobat Corporation to bill for and perform services indicated on this agreement for the period of one year. This license agreement will automatically renew from year to year unless cancelled in advance by either party 30 days of the anniversary date.