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HighRise to Constant Contact

Are you looking for a simple way to back up your NetSuite data? Our seamless backup solution will help you keep a copy of your customers lists, lead list and contacts and more. BlueAcrobat backup process is simple and automated and will ensure you always keep a copy of your business data.

We can assist you with back up of your NetSuite data. The following data types supported by our solution.

  • NetSuite Custom Records
  • Customers / Leads
  • Contacts
  • Sales Orders / Invoices / Opportunities
  • CRM Records

How long does NetSuite backup take to set up?

Depending on your backup needs and the volume of data the process can take between 2-5 business days to setup.

What kind of technology is used to perform the backup?

We use web-services in conjunction with SuiteTalk to perform your backups. In order to take advantage of our service, your NetSuite account has to have Web Service / SuiteTalk features enabled.

Can we schedule automatic back-ups of our NetSuite data?

The backup service can be custom tailored to your needs. You decide which data-types are backed up and how often the backup takes place.

To get in touch with us about HighRise to Constant Contact click here.

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