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NetSuite To Amazon RDS Data Replication

NetSuite To Amazon RDS Data Replication is now available to help you create visual reports, analytics, and dashboards from your ODBC connections, all highly interactive and easy to share.

With NetSuite to Amazon RDS Data Replication you can query and visualize your NetSuite data using SQL queries on your own Amazon RDS instance. Simply connect your database with tools such as Power BI, Qlink, Tableau and create dynamic mashups with data and metrics you already have.

NetSuite To Amazon RDS Data Replication software has been engineered to seemlessly transfer and replicate your NetSuite data to regularly into Amazon RDS MySQL or Maria enabling BI reporting using your favourite BI tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik and others.

Custom SQL queries to help you explore your NetSuite data.

Netsuite RDS Backup solution creates a complete replica of NetSuite business records, customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, customers, leads, and custom records in a familiar SQL environment. Solution preserves hundreds of different relationships between your business records to enable custom SQL reporting.

Explore your data in fresh ways.

Gain a fuller view or create dynamic reports to uncover new insights within your NetSuite data, tools such as Power BI can easily connect to your NetSuite data and lets you explore your data in new ways.

Archive your NetSuite data.

Having a reliable and up-to-date backup copy of all business records is not only an essential business practice, but one of the best ways to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Amazon RDS provides a perfect storage fascility with security and data encryption for your data in-transit and at-rest.

  • RDS / MySQL Data Archival.
  • BI Reporting.
  • NetSuite PowerBI Reporting.
  • NetSuite Qlink Reporting.
  • NetSuite Tableau Reporting.

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