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NetSuite Extraction - Estimate Request Form


In order to provide you with an accurate time and cost for your data extraction, please fill out the following form.

First Name:
Last Name:
ZIP / Postal Code:
State / Province:

To obtain your account size you will need to login into the NetSuite account as the Administrator and navigate to:
1. Setup > Company > View Billing Information
2. Look for "Total Storage Size (MB)" line. We need the value in "Currently Used Qty." column.

Total Storage Size (MB)
Will you be entering any data into NetSuite while the the export is running?
What is your company size?
What is the last date your NetSuite account will be active?
What is the aproximate cost of your Netsuite renewal?
What is your deadline for completion of the data extraction?
Would there be anyone other than yourself involved in making a decision about this extraction?
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