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NetSuite to ERP5 Migration Services

Has your organization made the decision to move from NetSuite to ERP5? If so, our professional services team can can assist you with all aspects of your migration.

The key to successful ERP / CRM migration is data extraction. BlueAcrobat posses tools and experinece to extract all of your NetSuite data and move to ERP5. First our data migration specialist replicate all of your NetSuite data into a relational database along with all of your business records such as contacts, customers, invoices, estimates, sales orders, etc. At the same time relationships between these records are preserved. Since each record contains a complete snapshot of all of its data including all the custom fields, related sublists and all relationships, we will ensure non of your business data is missed in the process.

NetSuite to ERP5 Migration Service Includes:

  • - Full NetSuite data extraction.
  • - Complete NetSuite to ERP5 conversion.
  • - Assistance with ERP5 implementation.

  • Migrate: Customers, Contact, Transactions, Sales Orders, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Activies, Notes, Custom Records, Custom Firelds and much, much more.

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