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On Premise NetSuite Data Backup

Local NetSuite backup is now available to ensure data recovery and business continuity in the event of data corruption or accidental data removal as well as data loss due to natural disaster, service outage, or loss of NetSuite access.

From one business day to the next, NetSuite accounts grow and change. New transactions are created and old transactions are modified or removed. Having a reliable and up-to-date local backup copy of all business records is not only an essential business practice, but one of the best ways to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

NS-Backup software has been engineered to address this problem by regularly backing up NetSuite account data into an on-premise relational database. NS-Backup automatically creates a complete local backup copy of all NetSuite records. NS-Backup offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing NetSuite records are always available.

Why have a local backup of NetSuite data?

A local backup of NetSuite business data can protect your business against the following: accidental data loss, CSV imports, data corruption, record modification, record removal, mass deletes, mass updates, loss of NetSuite access, network outages, service outages and malicious acts from disgruntled employees as well as data loss from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Can your business afford the risk of losing NetSuite data by not having a local ERP backup?

What does NS-Backup provide?

NS-Backup provides a complete local copy of NetSuite records in a relational-database format, preserving all the complex relationships between records. An incremental backup technology is utilized to ensure backup is always current. During product implementation, a full backup is performed and all designated NetSuite records are moved into the backup server. From that point on, NS-Backup works daily to ensure the backups are continuously updated.

Backup of NetSuite records

NS-Backup creates a complete snapshot of NetSuite business records, customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, customers, leads, and custom records.

Backup of NetSuite data relationships

NS-Backup preserves hundreds of different relationships and business record associations including customers-to-contacts, invoices-to-customers, and bill payments-to-vendors.

Backup of NetSuite sublists, custom records, and custom fields

NS-Backup preserves NetSuite sublists such as addresses, items, contacts, and user notes while custom fields and records are also supported.


  • NS-Backup is the peace of mind of knowing you always have a local backup of your NetSuite data.

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