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NetSuite Data Migration To ZOHO

Are you looking to migrate to ZOHO ? Do you need a full copy of all your NetSuite business data? Getting your data out of NetSuite manually can be very difficult and time consuming. Blueacrobat's NS-Export service provides you with a full extraction of all your NetSuite data migration to ZOHO.

NS-Export service has been engineered to address the problem of exporting your NetSuite account data and importing into ZOHO. NS-Export creates a complete, up-to-date full extraction and local migration copy of all of your NetSuite records while our certified ZOHO consultants help with importing the data into ZOHO.

What does NetSuite ZOHO Migration provide?

NS-Export provides you with copy of all of your NetSuite records in a relational-database format, preserving all the complex relationships between your records. A full migration is performed and all of your designated NetSuite records are moved into your migration server.

Export of all your NetSuite records.

NS-Export creates a complete snapshot of ALL your NetSuite business records, customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, customers, leads, custom records etc.

Export of all your NetSuite data relationships.

NS-Export preserves hundreds of different relationships and associations between your business records. Relationships such as customers-to-contacts, invoices-to-customers, bill payments-to-vendors, etc.

Export of all your NetSuite sublists, custom records and custom fields.

NS-Export preserves NetSuite sublists such as addresses, items, contacts, user notes. Custom fields and custom records are also supported.

NetSuite Data Experience and Expertise

We have been engaged with companies of all sizes, across many industries, assisting with NetSuite data extraction and NetSuite data migration needs.
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  • Migrating from NetSuite to ZOHO?
  • Need a full migration copy of all your NetSuite records?
  • NS-Export includes: All your NetSuite Records, Transactions, Relationships, Sublists, Custom Fields, Custom Records and more.
  • Full data archival. ZOHO Migrations. Full Backup.

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