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BlueAcrobat uses NetSuite SuiteScript API with advanced level JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS to program NetSuite scripts. NetSuite script types are frequently combined to satisfy complex business requirements. We love designing, developing and deploying all NetSuite script types. We cover the following scope and more:
The NetSuite Script Product Lifecycle Management Application (NetSuite Script ) gives companies the ability to easily create and deliver innovative products that fulfill or create market demand. Benefits of the NetSuite Script Product Lifecycle Management Application include faster product development, reduced time-to-market, improved manufacturing operations, higher productivity, and lower cost of ownership. At eImplement, our Certified NetSuite Script Consultants excel at tailoring the Product Lifecycle Management Application to your business needs, allowing you to quickly develop and deliver the products that drive your business. Using NetSuite Script , our consultants can help ensure better business results by helping you develop innovative products, explore new market opportunities, gain a higher market share, and increase customer satisfaction. The NetSuite Script Product Lifecycle Management Application can also be used to manage product quality and reduce waste throughout every phase of the product life cycle. Our NetSuite Script consultants help companies become more flexible and better able to take advantage of market and competitive opportunities across business networks, while still ensuring compliance to industry, quality, and regulatory standards. If you are interested in speaking with one of our NetSuite Script Certified Consultants about the full benefits of working with the Product Lifecycle Management Application, give us a call today or fill out the form to your right for a free consultation exporting available inventory quantities from one or more NetSuite locations.

With all of its valuable uses, profitability information is sought after by nearly all modern businesses in a variety of ways. Enterprise software, like NetSuite Script Profitability Analysis (SuiteScript), gathers and presents specific profit-related information in the easiest, most reliable manner. Using NetSuite Script SuiteScript, businesses can analyze profit-related information in a multitude of user-specified ways. The profits of individual branches can, for instance, be used to determine region-specific sales numbers in a quick, efficient manner. Without SuiteScript, similar information can be gathered, but it is often a labor-intensive process replete with opportunities for human error. In the world of modern business, there simply is no room for companies that base their decisions on faulty information.

User Event Scripts
User Event scripts are useful for customizing the workflow and association between your NetSuite entry forms. These scripts can also be used for doing additional processing before records are entered or for validating entries based on other data in the system.
Client Scripts
Client scripts are SuiteScripts executed in the browser. They can run on most standard records, custom record types, and custom NetSuite pages (for example, Suitelets).
Scheduled Scripts
Scheduled scripts are executed on-demand in real-time or via a user-configurable schedule. Scheduled scripts are useful for batch processing of records.
Suitelets enable the creation of dynamic web content. Suitelets can be used to implement custom front and backends.
RESTlet Scripts
Client scripts are executed on the client. These scripts can be attached to and run on individual forms, or they can be deployed globally and executed on entity and transaction record types.
Portlets provide direct access to data, allowing you to view, edit, or add records efficiently.
Workflow action scripts allow you to create custom actions that are defined on a record in a workflow.
A customization bundle is a group of custom objects that implement customized behavior in the NetSuite application.
CSV Imports
CSV import is the most commonly used method for transferring small to medium-sized data sets from other applications into NetSuite.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our NetSuite SuiteScript Consultants about the full benefits of NetSuite Scripting, give us a call today or fill out the form to your right for a free consultation.

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