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NSFTP - NetSuite File Cabinet Off-Site Backup

Looking to regularly backup your NetSuite File Cabinet to an off-site server? Manual Oracle NetSuite file cabinet backup can be difficult and time consuming. NSFTP Sync service provides a seamless daily backup of your Oracle NetSuite file cabinet to your own cloud or on-premise server.

NSFTP service has been engineered to address the problem of exporting your NetSuite file cabinet data into your own on-premise (or cloud) file server. NSFTP creates a complete, up-to-date replica of your NetSuite File Cabinet files and folders on your off-site server.

What does NSFTP provide?

Up to date copy of all of your NetSuite file cabinet files and folders on your own backup server, fully preserving the folder / file tree structure. A full backup is performed daily to your own secure file backup server.

Off-site backup for NetSuite file cabinet features:

  • Preservation of NetSuite file cabinet tree structure on file server.
  • Runs daily to keep your file server up to date with NetSuite file cabinet changes.
  • Compatible with self-hosted, on-premise SFTP servers.
  • Compatible with Cloud SFTP providers including: Amazon AWS, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage.
  • Fully compatible with Amazon AWS S3 storage.
  • High security and reliability.

We have been engaged with companies of all sizes, across many industries, assisting with NetSuite data backup needs.

See some of our customers.

  • Secure sync NetSuite to SFTP / FTP server
  • Reduce file cabinet storage costs
  • Daily file cabinet backups

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